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Andrew Morrill

For me, willpower means self-control and motivation.  So much of what I do is tied to that concept.

My (fitness) journey began when I was in school playing sports.  I didn’t really start lifting much until I was in college.  After that, I just became a regular gym-goer.  I have had several personal trainers over the years and, to be honest, it was the best thing I could have done to teach myself about the gym and what I could accomplish there. 


As a young man, I hated my muscular legs because they made it difficult to fit into clothes.  It’s funny because now I think they are my best physical asset.  

A lot of body development is accepting who and what you are and recognizing your own assets.

Andrew Morrill has pursued a deeper study of the body and educating others through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

NASM is an accreditation body for personal trainers in the US.  It is probably the most rigorous and well respected of the four major ones out there.  Preparing for that exam was a lot of work.  It involved 6 months of daily practice and classroom teaching sessions. 

It taught me the reasons behind a lot of the things I thought I already knew or had gleaned from experience.  Now, not only do I know that a move should be done in a certain way, but I know why that is – the body mechanics behind it.  My breadth of knowledge has increased substantially. 

Let’s talk about food. What kind of diet do you have? Do you eat large quantities? How often do you eat? Many vegetables or are you more protein-based?

I generally eat around 3800 calories per day.  I weigh 205lbs, am very active and have a large muscle mass. so that amount is appropriate for me.  That is not an appropriate amount for everyone.  Your caloric intake depends on your daily routine (are you largely sedentary or moving throughout the day), your weight goal and if you are training.


I eat 3 times per day with 3 snacks interspersed between the meals.  My diet is high in protein, but I have recently been exploring a more highly plant-based diet, and my initial conclusions are pretty good.

Willpower is essential to me getting things done.  I don’t have a boss standing over me making me do things – I am the boss.  While that sounds like a dream to most, in reality, it means that you have to have a lot of self-motivation and – willpower – to get things done.  Some days, I want to just sit on the couch all day watching TV, and in my circumstance, no one would mind or tell me otherwise. However, in the end, I know that will lead me to accomplish nothing.  Keeping that in the forefront of my mind keeps me motivated. 

Interview with Andrew Morrill

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behind RUFSKIN

We strongly believe that one doesn't learn everything from books, but Life is one's strongest educator



flexible nutrition

What works for me might not work for someone else. A sustainable diet has to be packed full of foods the person actually enjoys eating. I love eggplant. Other people love broccoli. This is often why meal plans don’t work: you’re eating what someone else told you to eat, not what you’ve explored and found that you enjoy. 



the inspiration

It is definitely a risquè design, but who cares? When you are happy with your body, you don't mind showing some irony or some fun! People wear it a lot also under some shorts or blue jeans and a jacket, that can be a stylish and fashionable compromise. Prints are very on-trend this year with Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci and the Kenzo jungle, I made my own with tiger and cheetah and a precious black lace version. 

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