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Marco Morlaas

Photography by Bruno Lacaussade

I began to let my beard grow six years ago. In the beginning, I just wanted a short beard, but month after month, I let my beard grow longer and longer. It took about a year to grow the length it is now.


In the city where I live, Pau, France, I have had the same barber for years, “Les Hommes Ont la Classe.” I go to the barber once a month if I don't have a shooting.

30052020-IMG_5409 N_B.jpg

My beard changed my life the day I went to a barber meeting as a model. I’ve never been photographed so much in a weekend with my photographs being published in so many specialized magazines. At that time, the fashion was for hipsters with checkered shirts. I was an older model than the others with my white and grey beard. I wasn’t vintage, but very classic.  

A big European cosmetic brand noticed me at this meeting and asked me to work for them. A few weeks later, I went to Switzerland to do my first official shooting. I continued with many shows for different brands. I modeled for fashion magazines, menswear, jewelry, painters and photographers. They were all interested in my look. With my beard, I met various artists and worked with them. 


For men who want to grow a beard, be patient. It can be scratchy in the first days. Make sure to moisturize your skin with a cream. When the beard is longer, brush it twice a day and use a balm or beard oil. Make sure to go to the barber; a professional will be the best to cut your beard while giving it the right shape for your face.

I clean my beard with a special beard shampoo. My favorite is Italian,Proraso." It’s very famous in Europe. I also use a hair shampoo for grey and white hairs once a week.


The mask that we have to wear, because of Corona, is not the best friend of beards, but it’s important to wear it in public areas. I just hope we will stop having to wear it as soon as possible. 


I don’t listen to people who say,“ Oh shave this beard. You look older with it.” I believe they are just jealous!


In fact, My white beard gave me a second youth.




behind RUFSKIN

We strongly believe that one doesn't learn everything from books, but Life is one's strongest educator



equestrian sport

There are differences between hunters and jumpers. Jumpers should be careful go fast and clean and execute tight turns for speed. Hunters on the other hand should go around on a rhythmical canter...



martial arts

To me, each martial art is a philosophy: a perspective on life as well as an approach to fighting. They provide different ways of understanding the world and solving problems. I bring them together in my own personal view as seems appropriate for what I am doing at any given time. Ultimately, martial arts is the lens through which I see the world. 

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