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Carlo Chiocchio

I’ve always loved men’s formal wear. Since I was a child, I remember enjoying every time my mom put a tie on me.


My style is definitely bold; I’m not afraid of colors or patterns. I have an eye on how to combine things and edit at the same time. Keeping my look exciting but also elegant is important to me. I never want to cross the line into clownish or go the opposite direction to boring. Bold Elegance would be the name I give my look.

I currently live in Houston, Texas. Professionally, I am a realtor. I mostly deal with the luxury condo market, and I feel that dressing appropriately is important in creating the image that I want to portray to my clients. Although wearing a suite and tie during the week in the humidity of Houston seems tortuous, I feel that dressing up shows my attention to detail and respect for my clients. I also believe in showing respect for myself. Putting on your “classy armor” puts you in the right frame of mind to get your tasks done while looking great. I’ve had many people say how refreshing it is to see a guy take the time to look good for work instead of throwing on the token polo shirt and khakis.


I’m a very creative person. I was even a club DJ and music producer at one point! In real estate, I feel that there are very limited chances to be creative. So I branched out a created a men’s formal clothing brand, “Carlo Chiocchio.” This has been a great outlet for me and continues to put a smile on my face. The idea started with ties and then moved to braces and socks. I’m hoping to include men’s made-to-measure dress shirts next. 

Black and pink are my company colors. The pink signifies breast cancer in honor of my older sister who is living with the disease. The use of the black has flowed through the products. Each tie has a black contrasting tail, and the braces have black silk covering the elastic portion in the back. 


The company started in 2018. The planets aligned, and a very special person helped me get the company off the ground. Angels exist everywhere. You just have to notice them when good things happen.


My advice to men is to not be afraid of clothes. They’re only clothes! It’s not the end of the world. Find what your eye gravitates to and explore it. If you’re uncertain, ask someone or reach out to me for help! 


Tailoring a suit and dress shirt to your body can drastically change the appearance of any guy. Watch your proportions and make sure that everything fits correctly. A well-tailored suit can make any guy look like a million bucks, but it all starts with a great tailor. Proper hems, getting rid of extra fabric, fitting the jacket to the torso, and so on can give any guy a spectacular look. 




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