Jonzu, who?

A fashion alien from a galaxy far far away. 

The inspiration.

Jackson Neil is the photographer behind this shoot. We set up both inside of his apartment and on location in the nearby New York City neighborhood. The inspiration was a bit retro, mainly 80s and making high fashion feel more real. I wanted to give a sense to what I usually do, which very avant garde and artistic, but I also wanted to make this feel a bit more relatable. It gives a sense of what I would wear on a typical day.

Jonzu for Willpower Magazine

I’m heavily inspired by futurism as well as anime, videogames, and alternative music. These things drive my personal style and inspires my styling and fashion work.

Often times I feel men don’t embrace their bodies when it comes to fashion. Finding garments that accentuate the form or even showing off different parts is always good. I encourage men to find their own identity through clothing and roll with it.







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