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Willpower to me varies. I've had different degrees of willpower but at this moment willpower means always striving for something and going after it with full force. I've always been a guy who knows what he wants and when I set my mind to something I can't sleep or chill until I reach that goal. I believe willpower is different for everyone. Some people are going through struggles in life and their willpower may be just to get out of bed everyday. Others, it could be the willpower to not let a negative person effect their lives anymore. No matter who it is, we all have a different degree of willpower and i've felt them all. It's a powerful thing and we need to embrace our willpower no matter what degree because it makes us better. It makes us stronger. It makes us human.


I started my blog as a way to house all the things I love to do. Style, Food, Travel and everything lifestyle. I felt i was being pulled in so many different directions with my passions and having all those things in one location made it so much easier. My blog name came from me brainstorming what I wanted my brand to be about and call it. I was scrolling through Google one day and noticed this fox dressed to the nines and looking very dapper and I thought to myself that's how I want to project myself all the time and want others to get inspiration from. I want to alway be in a state where I'm staying "Fox" or put together. The extra "X" was just a personal choice cause I liked the way it looked better. :)

I honestly didn't know what I was doing when I started my blog or where it would lead. I just knew that I needed to start and it's evolved into this brand of it's own which has been really cool to see. I now have an amazing management company and have worked with so many wonderful brands that I truly believe in and love. Not only has my blog opened a lot of doors business wise but it's helped bring me out of my shell and discover who I am which I am so thankful for.


I love fashion and dressing nicely. I get that from my Meme. Ever since I was little she would always dress her best and expect me to do the same when I would stay with her. I think it says a lot about how you put yourself together and present yourself to the world. I've worked with some amazing brands and continue to evolve my style. 


So I actually LOVE cooking/baking and just being in the kitchen. For a lot of people it's a stressful environment but for me it's my escape from chaos. I grew up in a German/American household so learned everything from southern cooking to German dishes. I have a lot of memories in the kitchen and it's a place of happiness and solitude for me. I actually have a YouTube channel "Kitchen Island with Kyle Boen". I haven't created any videos in a while as we are in the process of moving to a new home but plan on starting that back up at the end of the year.


I LOVE to travel and visit new places and new people. 2019 was a great year for Cameron and I. We went to Bermuda, California, did a tour of New England, Charleston. It seemed like we were on the go all the time and it was so much fun. 2020 has been a bummer with COVID19 but it's allowed us to take this time and get our place in order and built for us to make new memories and hopefully start traveling again in 2020. We tentatively have a trip to Greece planned so we will see how that goes.


This is the area that I can put a bunch of different things that I like to share. Skin care, brands that I love and work with and want to share with my followers and stories about me and just a good mix of things. 

Coming Out


So long story short I was married to a wonderful woman for 8 years and then came out in 2016 to her and to myself. Growing up in a very small southern town, as I know a lot of gay guys have related to, was hard. My brother came out at a young age, and seeing my family's negative reaction to that, suppressed those feelings of me exploring my sexuality and who I really was deep down, so far, that I didn't even know who I was anymore. I put on this mask that eventually became my identity for so long until one day I hit a wall where I couldn't breathe and knew right then who I was and it scared the living hell out of me. I knew I was about to tear this world and it's walls down and I did. In one big swoop I told my then wife that I was gay. I called my mom, dad, grandparents, the next day, and told everybody. I'm the type of person that rips the damn bandaid off all at once. It had to be done. Since coming out my world has completely changed but for the better. I wouldn't trade my journey for anything because it's made me who I am today and I wouldn't be with the man I love had I not gone through all that. So I am grateful and proud of myself and who I've become. For my followers, I couldn't have been more happy to hear some of their stories and the love and support I received for sharing. I know that I have shared my story with a few other guys that were in the same boat as me and it gave them hope and uplifted them so I knew I had to share in hopes that my story would help someone else that may be struggling like I did and get the courage to be who they are. 

Personal Style

I just love fashion and ALL types of fashion. I like preppy, edgy, hipster, rugged, chic. All pieces of fashion speak to me in different ways so it just depends on my mood on which direction I want to go. That's what's so great about it. You can literally express your mood and feelings through different garments that tell a story and I have a lot to say, ha!

(Life)Style Tip

I would say to always be yourself and be kind to EVERYONE. I feel like there is so much darkness in the world today so every time you get a chance to shine a light to someone, do it. It takes far more energy to cast a hateful remark than to give a smile and kind word. In this world of technology it's easy for people to sit behind a screen and blast other people cause they are not in front of them so try and remember that the next time you want to say something negative. I always found the golden rule to be my compass. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you :)

What's Next?

As I mentioned previously Cameron and I are in the middle of building a home which should be done by end of October, early November so we are in the process of getting packed and ready to move which has taken up a lot of our time. But also just getting out when and where we can and enjoying each other and the time we have together. It's actually been kind of nice to slow down some and enjoy the little things more. So, although COVID has been scary and confusing it's also been a blessing in disguise. 


with Mihael Belilov

Editorial by Victoria Rayu

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