Miami, Florida



Inspired by the unique architecture and the light I found in Miami and Miami Beach, I made a series of black and white and color photos that highlighted this incredible intersection of qualities

From the Historic Art Deco hotel district of South Beach to the contemporary architecture of the museums in Miami. I was constantly taking shots as we walked from one gorgeous neighborhood or landmark to the next.  

The simple beauty of the historic stuccoed buildings throughout Miami Beach were crisp with strong shadows and stark contrasts to the ever present palms.  

The natural and painted pastel hues I found leaked into the edits of my color photographs, where I highlighted the warmth we enjoy in the north only during the “golden hour” of dusk.  

Focusing on details of the buildings, I look to create an image that emphasizes the unique qualities of the design, whether it’s a shape, a form, a pattern so the viewer appreciates it with a new understanding.

As an architect, designer, photographer I'm always looking at buildings and the constructed environment, and I often just see the image I want to create, especially with modern and contemporary buildings. The pure forms can be extracted from a façade and made into its own statement. (We study and obsess over these details as we're designing a building.) But I still take multiple shots from various vantage points so that I can study and edit them later, often editing several times until I'm pleased with the final image, and what it communicates.

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Art Basel Miami Beach @artbasel

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New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) @newartdealers

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