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Editorial by

Zoen Lam



Jamal Callender

Berlin, Germany

I wanted to celebrate my body:the dark skin I don’t see as often that when I go on social media platforms. I was born in the USA and raised at a young age in Barbados by my aunt and grandmother. 


When I first spoke to Zoen, I said I would love to see myself in your photos. In return, he too wanted to take photos of me. Soon after, we found a date and time that worked for both of us, and now, I am the first black guy he has photographed


Zoen pretty much took the lead and created magic. 



We both loved the idea of white underwear in contrast with my skin tone.


The shoot was really great. It was my first time working with Zoen. I noticed his work on Instagram, and I truly loved his style and perspective. We listened to The Pussycat Dolls over and over because it was our favorite song. He was really great at giving suggestions and allowing me to have freedom. His energy was incredible and supportive.


I was really inspired by our conversations about his upcoming project YELLOW that focuses on changing the stereotype of men from Asian culture and backgrounds. The coffee table book highlights these men and shows the world how talented they are and really takes hold of the phase that has been deemed derogatory towards the Asian culture. 


I’ve always wanted to model for a very long time. I have tried online submissions for many agencies. Through the years as a professional dancer, I have tried to find ways to merge the two. People would always ask me if I model, and I would respond no. Then they would say ”well you should” and I would respond “I’ve tried.” 

This Photoshoot with Zoen really feels like I could finally be seen as a model. 




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