Willpower is about the contemporary man and his story.

We want the ugly pimply details of your teens where you first discovered love and hate.

Share with us our peaks and valleys.

Encourage and guide us with your experiences.

We all start with that first step.




Willpower is mainly digital, presenting itself through this website, instagram, facebook, and youtube.



Willpower will have a semi-annual special edition print. Fall 2020 and Springs 2021 are next to arrive.

Men featured in the print edition are hand selected from digital interviews. 


Is there a theme?

We seek to present a positive message. Challenges aren’t breaking points but instead are the brink of enlightenment. There are many focuses. Physical and mental health, fitness, nutrition, career, lifestyle, art, culture, psychology and business ideas. Thinking outside of our box? Even better - submit!

What kind of photography do you accept?

Please submit 8 - 20 photos that make up of a cohesive series and support your story. We even accept high quality selfies or self taken shots. We do accept and present nude photography on the website and print.

How do I submit photography?

Please send photos via: Dropbox, WeTransfer or as one PDF in your email submission. DO NOT send photos via: Google Drive or One Drive. Submit photos to:

How do I get interviewed?

If we are interested in the content you submitted, you will be asked to turn in a short bio about yourself. From this bio a short interview will constructed for you. You will have a week to complete the interview questions.

Does it cost to submit?

No it does not cost to submit. We do not commission men for the magazine either.

How do I get featured in the print edition?

We do not accept submissions for the semi-annual print edition. These men will be hand selected from men who have been featured for the digital magazine. The print edition will be sold to male businesses in Palm Springs, CA (more demographic to come) and will be also be available online at our shop


Interested in telling the world about your product? If your product aligns with our story and audience, we may ask you to submit a sample for review. All products will be screened and reviewed throughly to protect our audience from spam. If your product is approved, there are paid ad spaces available on our digital magazine, print magazine and social media pages. We may construct a photoshoot to feature one of our interviewed men with your product. Learn more about advertising: here soon

What type of photography do you not accept?

We are uninterested in test shoots in studios. If you submit a studio shoot, they must be some layer of composition involved. Whether it may be graphic design, a play on lighting or high fashion.